As introduced in the book WEconomy, purpose is not a singular task reserved for the higher-ups. Anyone can achieve purpose at work, and everyone should try, since it benefits an eager employee as much as it does the business.

The book promotes the idea that anyone in an organization can step up and volunteer to get involved or lead cause related activities – like the company’s community day, charity event or diversity programme. This in turn can get you noticed, even if it’s simply bumping in to senior executives to get budgets signed off. It’s a chance to shine (and potentially push ethical causes from the bottom up).

These individuals are called Social Intrapreneurs – people within a large corporation who take direct initiative for innovations that address social or environmental challenges, while also creating commercial value for the company.

If you aspire to be such a person, build the following traits and reinvent your job with purpose:


Learn as much as possible as quickly as possible, and see everything you do as an opportunity to learn. Remove the stigma from mistakes and errors; they are learning opportunities.


Have a quiet confidence that you can take on whatever may come. Instead of fearing the unknown, develop trust that you can handle whatever challenge might be next.


Be open to other opinions, admit your mistakes, spend time in self-reflection, and recognize that you can’t do everything yourself. Accept blame and share praise. Trust others instead of micromanaging.


Be resilient, be tenacious, and be creative.